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Car Accidents: Holidays and Drunk Driving
Mesriani Law Group
Holidays are such a wonderful time for people to relax. American families love going out on weekend trips, taking advantage of the holidays and making the most of it. Some people though just have too much fun for themselves, throwing responsibility out of the window. In days where holidays are observed, more and more people are getting apprehended for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

Because of such increase in drunk driving, there is a noticeable increase in auto accidents in Los Angeles, as well as other towns, cities, and states in the United States. To prevent these spikes in the number of accidents during the celebration of major holidays in the city, the operatives of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are regularly setting up sobriety checkpoints during holidays in the state.

Recent implementation of such sobriety checkpoints was held during the weekend when St. Patrick’s Day was being observed. The checkpoints were set up across the Southland, most of which began Saturday afternoon. In the said checks, officers screened around 800 and 900 cars. There have been a dozen similar checkpoints set up all across Los Angeles in the agency’s aim to apprehend drunk drivers.

It is totally understandable that people celebrate and enjoy the holidays. The authorities however are reminding everyone to always be responsible enough when enjoying the breaks. Here are some tips provided by a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to keep you from getting apprehended for drunk driving.

-    Avoid drinking and driving. Simplest piece of advice. If you don’t drink, you won’t get caught for DUI.
-    Should you insist on drinking, be a smart about it. Eat up so that you’ll have a full stomach. This delays the absorption of alcohol. However, you still should not drink and drive no matter what.
-    One drink an hour doesn’t always work. Metabolism varies on the person and most of the time, there are no tell-tale signs to determine one’s ability to metabolize alcohol.
-    You can still get caught no matter how close your home is. So do not think about driving at all if you are drunk.

Having fun during the holidays is completely acceptable. However one should not forget that your safety and of others should be on top of your concerns. Remember, your wrong decision could cause damage to property, injury, even death to people around you. So make the right choice and say no to drunk driving.


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